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Facts About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are becoming an essential a part of any business nowadays –  whether you might be in a flower shop business in Madrid, a 6a00d8341c011b53ef00e54f2d7a868833 640wi Facts About Hiring a Virtual Assistantconstruction business in New York,  a consulting firm in  Melbourne or a health instructor in Tokyo, they now have Virtual Assistants.  This is the result of all people going on-line, internet is turning into the center of almost all the organizations worldwide.  All the things can now be carried out via the internet. Sure enough, you have heard so many statements concerning Virtual Assistants – some of them are true and some are simply myths.  I’ll now focus on some of the myths about VAs.

1. You must pay extra to have a great VA.

This is undoubtedly not true!  Chances are you’ll need to ask round and get references from those that have had fine experiences from wonderful Virtual assistants.   And you could carry out interviews through Skype or YM and with that; it is possible for you to to appraise the capability of the potential VA.   The current going fee for VAs is about $10-15/hour – and you may get lower rates than that, with out compromising the efficiency of the VAs.  You simply need to be fairly resourceful.

2. Virtual assistants from US are higher than these from off-shore.

This is a traditional mistaken belief that i want to make clear.  Off-shore VAs (especially VA from the Philippines), are not second-rate.  They’ll communicate English very well, hard -working, dependable and really trained – and they are now of the same level of ability as in comparison with United states VAs.  The one major difference is their rates.   Virtual assistant from the Philippines gives lower rates with the same high quality of work.

3. Having a Virtual assistant is hard to manage.

Incorrect!  I don’t see any difference in calling via Skype and even emailing a Virtual assistant as against to calling a staff at the other room.

4. Hire somebody from some Freelance website to get a VA.

This can be a hit and miss process.  Freelance websites do not check out candidates which might be bidding on your project or job vacancy.  You simply rely on their profile.  Though many have good experiences, there are additionally others who experienced the opposite.  It is 100% sure to hire a VA from a legitimate outsourcing company where they train and guide them to be able to complete your every activity efficaciously.

Before making an investment, time and money, make sure you know all of the details before you Hire a VA!

Zarah Pimentel is first and foremost a very proud mom to a 4year old girl. She is a co-founder of Hire a VA, a company that outsources SEO Specialists and Virtual Assistants from the Philippines.  She takes pleasure in with helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by setting them free in doing menial tasks and assisting them in more ways they can imagine.

For more information about what she does, kindly visit her blog, Virtual Assistant Mom.

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