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How to Treat Your Virtual Assistantpo 300x247 How to Treat Your Virtual Assistant

For business owners, hiring a virtual assistant for the first time is a challenge. Especially if most of the staff he has are on-site. There is a big difference in treating those 2 kinds of staff.

The numbers of entrepreneur hiring a VA are growing everyday. Look at the numbers of the job posts that the outsourcing sites have – take a look at oDesk, Elance, onlinejobs.ph and others. Their business is booming.

But there is not much information on how to interact with your Virtual Assistants. They may come from anywhere around the globe – name it, they have VAs available. You can interview until you find ‘the one’ for your business. The one that can help you have more time for yourself, profit more and just be there when you need them.

But what is the proper way to treat a virtual assistant?

Normally, you hire a VA on a per hour basis, it could just for a few hours in a day, or half day or even on a per project basis. And then you should know the limitations, you just have to coordinate with them during those hours alone. These virtual assistants have several clients also, and they have their own schedules. For example: you have an office staff who sells insurance on the side. It is possible for the insurance boss to go to your office and ‘borrow’ your office staff even for a few minutes? Now you see the logic?

Another thing is that virtual assistants are human – they have feelings. It is allowed to become close to them, to talk to them outside of their work. It is okay to know them better personally. You may find this even helpful in the process. Remember that people who like what they are doing and who they are doing that for are more productive.

Trust. I know this should be gained. You should be able to trust your virtual assistant and if not, maybe you do not have the right VA for you.

And finally, give feedbacks. You should correct your VA, if she has done something wrong. Tell her, so that next time she knows what to do. Do not be shy to do that – that will be good for both of you. And do not forget to praise or acknowledge something good that your VA has done. A simple praise will go a long, long way, believe me on this.

So in short, when you hire a virtual assistant, treat them as your real staff – not just well, a second rate staff. And you will surely reap rewards in terms of dedication, support, loyalty and who knows, friendship as well.

Be happy… be successful,


The author, ZSPimentel is a Working Mom and a co-founder of the company, Hire a VA which outsources Virtual Assistants and SEO Specialists from the Philippines at a very reasonable rates.

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